Person-Centered Planning

Person-centered planning is a process used to identify the strengths, capacities, preferences, needs and desired outcomes of the Individuals served. The process includes participants chosen by the Individual or guardian who assist the Individual to identify personally meaningful life outcomes, as well as goals or stepping stones toward achieving those outcomes. The results of this process are then translated into an ISP that is used to identify waiver services as well as community and natural supports.

IPMG had the honor of working directly with Michael Smull, a nationally recognized PCP expert, in the design and implementation of IPMG’s PCP process. Mr. Smull, the creator of Essential Lifestyle Planning, visited IPMG in 2008 to help us take a serious look at how we could better support Individuals to reach their desired outcomes. The resulting process changed our lives and that of the people we serve in a dramatic and positive way.

What is “important to” and “important for” the Individuals we serve are at the core of our PCP process, and their self-identified outcomes are the drivers for all that we and the members of the IST do on their behalf. In addition, all IPMG staff receive training on person-centered thinking so that they are better able to understand and implement the PCP process.

What is “important to” people is what matters most to them and is how they define a quality of life for themselves. It encompasses those things in life, which help one to be satisfied, content, comforted and happy. It includes:

  • People to be with/relationships
  • Things to do
  • Places to go
  • Rituals or routines
  • Rhythm or pace of life

What is “important for” people includes factors that we need to keep in mind regarding:

  1. Issues of health or safety.
  2. Physical health and safety, including wellness and prevention.
  3. Emotional health and safety, including support needed.
  4. What others see as important to help the person be a valued member of their community.

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