Meet Darren. He loves to draw and has work featured in galleries across Indiana.

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Success Stories

IPMG case managers have the privilege of working with thousands of wonderful and unique individuals throughout the state of Indiana, each with a story of their very own to tell. Read more about their successes and triumphs by selecting a story on this page.

Kim works two jobs. She has had support from IPMG for five years now.

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Sami volunteers at a food pantry and a local outreach program every week.

Sami and IPMG

Mark loves stickers. He also enjoys helping at Special Olympics of Indianapolis.

What does Mark do?

Eric works two jobs and is an Eagle Scout leader for the Boy Scouts.

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Kelly works at Starbucks and is actively involved with Best Buddies.

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Ruben cares about self-advocacy and helps better those around him.

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Meet Lindsay. She just earned her Associates degree in web design.

What does Lindsay do?

Everyday Doug shares his gratitude and affection with the world.

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Jeff strives to advocate for persons with disabilities and improve their quality of life.

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Cody lost 169 pounds and is training for a Mini Marathon.

How did he do it?

Joe works in the Dinosphere at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

Meet Joe Broomall, Dinosaur Expert!

Sandy is proud of her weight loss progress and continues to make her health her primary goal!

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Joe and Makana have a very special bond.

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Nickie is making her dreams come true.

Meet Nickie

Nick is going to the Special Olympics National Tournament!

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Joe worked hard to return a lost drivers' license to its owner at the mall.

What did he do?

Brian is a tireless contributor to his community through his volunteer efforts.

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Josh wants you to know, "I am in here."

How did Josh learn to communicate?

Rose created and maintains a blog designed to encourage and network individuals with disabilities.

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Gil was able to move out of a nursing home into his own home in the community.

Meet Gil

Aiden moved into her own home and earned her Child Development Associate (CDA) National Credential

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Jerry celebrated his 13th work anniversary.

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Grace is in a wheelchair, but she didn't let that stop her from getting certified in scuba diving!

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Jesse rents his own house and is connected and involved in his community.

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David and Cletus are taking classes so Cletus can be a therapy dog and David his handler.

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Andrea celebrated her 50th year of attendance at The ARC of Northwest Indiana.

Meet Andrea

Christa was invited to play at the Ryan Seacrest studio at Cincinnati Children's.

Watch a video of Christa singing "You Don't Know You're Beautiful"

Haleigh's success story was featured on News 14 in Evansville.

Say hello to Haleigh

Jeff received the IN-APSE Personal Achievement Award

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Lizzie is a freshman at Ball State and is working to educate the world about CP.

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Stephen is a remarkable young man that continues to push the envelope in participating in community activities that some would think not possible.

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Robert was hospitalized in facilities for 17 years until IPMG helped him move out into his own home.

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Despite what the doctors said when she was a child, Lindsay is now living in her own home and beginning to make a life for herself as a young adult.

Meet Lindsay

Mike loves history and genealogy. He saves up for trips and travels all around the country!

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Jonathon earned his third degree red belt in Taekwondo, does community theatre, works 30+ hours per week, and more!

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Angie was featured by the local news for saving her caregiver's life!

What did she do?

Ysabel and her mother have started an organization to raise awareness about CHARGE Syndrome, the rare genetic disease that Ysabel was born with.

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Congratulations to Tempestt Lancaster for receiving the Gold Medal!!

Meet Tempestt

J.K. is a hero for acting quickly to his dad's life!

What happened?

Steven's high school classmates built him a customized motorized wheelchair.

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Nicholas created his own podcast series and has published more than ten episodes on YouTube!

Meet Nicholas

Michael is a self-advocate and builds and maintains websites.

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Olando was the first student accepted to the Erskine Green Training Institute!

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Nancy received a custom raincoat adapted for her wheelchair, made by Ball State students.

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Taylor writes beautiful poetry!

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Matt is a movie star!

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