Our Case Management Professionals

IPMG is proud to say that our Case Management Professionals are the most knowledgeable and dedicated in their field in the state of Indiana. They bring to the people they serve not only a comprehensive and current knowledge of waiver services, but a philosophy of Person-Centered Thinking that guides their approach to working with Individuals, guardians and teams. More than 50% of our employees have at least five years of experience with IPMG, with some having been certified to provide services as long ago as 15 years. IPMG Case Management Professionals work to a higher standard of quality and excellence than the minimum standards mandated by the waiver program.

They are expected to show initiative, professionalism and understanding in their everyday work performance. All employees receive months of hands on training, mentoring and shadowing before being freed up to perform their jobs more independently, and even then receive substantial and ongoing support. They are committed to the people we serve, and we are so proud that they have chosen to be part of IPMG!

Below are some examples of videos we've created to train our Case Managers.  Our trainings ensure that our Case Managers are sensitive to the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and the guardians and families of those individuals.  IPMG Case Managers have also been trained to communicate in an accessible and sensitive manner with the individuals we serve.



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