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The DDRS Waiver Manual is a comprehensive resource for families and individuals receiving waiver services.

DDRS Waiver Manual

To help guide you through the BDDS waiver process, we have compiled a step-by-step Handbook for Individuals for you to use and reference throughout the application process.

IPMG Handbook for Individuals Served - English

IPMG Handbook for Individuals Served - Spanish

Indiana's Waivers

Easy Read Documents

We want to ensure that the individuals we serve understand their rights.  We have created a simplified picture guide to help.

Individual Rights

You have the right to file a complaint at any time with IPMG. This means it is your right to let us know when you are not happy about something.  Our complaint procedure is outlined in a way that is easy to understand.

IPMG Complaint Procedure

The Bureau of Quality Improvement Services (BQIS) keeps track of certain incidents to make sure that individuals receiving waiver services are healthy and safe. If something happens that could put
you at risk, or cause you to be hurt or in danger, please tell your Case Manager. These events must be reported to BQIS.

Reportable Incidents


The video at the link below was designed to simplify the "Individual Rights" document that IPMG provides annually to the individuals we serve.  We feel it is crucial to make this information as accessible and understandable as possible for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Your Rights

You have the right to file a complaint at any time with IPMG. This video explains how you can let us know if you are not happy about something or if your rights have been violated.

Complaint Process

This brief video provides a great overview of how Vocational Rehabilitation works in Indiana, and what it can do for individuals with disabilities.

Working with Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation Services

For lots more videos:


Professional Development Workshops

Our PDWs have been so popular that we've moved them to their own page!

Access the archives at the bottom of our new Professional Development Workshop page.

Health & Safety

Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse - A Guide for Parents of Children with Special Health Care Needs

This tool was developed by Riley Child Development Center, the LEND program, and Carol Pool, MSW, Prevention Specialist at Prevent Child Abuse Indiana. This information is intended to give parents the tools they need to prevent and recognize sexual abuse. Much too often this subject is overlooked and not discussed. The intent and desire is that this guide will get parents and professionals talking and thinking about a subject that is difficult but necessary.

Protecting your Child from Sexual Abuse

Emergency Action Plans

IPMG's nurse has created the following Emergency Action Plans to be used as planning and educational tools.

Natural Disaster  Utility Failure  Threatening or Violent Situation

Medical Emergency  Contact List  Fire Plan  Bomb Threat

Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities

For individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, emergencies can present a real challenge. Planning ahead helps to protect you and your loved ones when disaster strikes.  Please take time to review the following information to ensure you are prepared for disasters that may happen.

Preparing for Disaster - Red Cross

Preparing Makes Sense - FEMA

The following documents provide disaster preparedness tips for individuals with specific needs:

Disabilities and Medical Concerns  Mobility Concerns  Cognitive Disabilities

Psychiatric Disabilities  Hearing Impairments  Communication Disabilities

Environmental or Chemical Sensitivities  Life Support  Visual Disabilities

Fire Safety

Deaths as a result of fire are often preventable if the proper safety precautions are taken.  Please a few moments to review the following information and make sure you and your home are protected.

Smoke Alarms: What You Need to Know

Free Smoke Alarms

Fire Safety Checklist for People with Disabilities

Illegal Drug Identification

It is important to be able to recognize drug paraphernalia and other signs of illegal drug use in the home. The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children has developed a webinar that gives an overview of various drugs of abuse and associated drug paraphernalia.

Drug Identification Webinar


Follow these steps for tips on keeping your hands free of germs.

Clean Hands Save Lives!

Recursos en EspaƱol (Spanish Resources)

De acuerdo con la División de Discapacidad y Servicios de Rehabilitación (DDRS por sus siglas en inglés), servicios de interpretación están autorizados, en el servicio de equipos médicos especializados, que se obtiene a través de un proceso de Solicitud de Aprobación (RFA por sus siglas en inglés). Este servicio puede ser utilizado para proporcionar un intérprete para ayudar a una persona que no habla inglés para comunicarse durante las reuniones programadas especificados para la planificación de servicios (por ejemplo, conferencias sobre casos de exención y de las reuniones del equipo). Por favor, póngase en contacto con IPMG de asistencia para obtener este servicio.

According to the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS), interpreter services are allowed under the specialized medical equipment service, which is obtained through a Request for Approval (RFA) process. This service can be used to provide an interpreter to assist an individual who does not speak English to communicate during specified scheduled meetings for service planning (for example, waiver case conferences and team meetings).  Please contact IPMG for assistance to obtain this service.

Para ayudar a guiarlo a través del proceso de exención con la Oficina de Discapacidades del Desarrollo de Servicios (BDDS por sus siglas en inglés), hemos compilado un manual paso a paso para los individuos para su uso y referencia en todo el proceso de solicitud.

To help guide you through the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) waiver process, we have compiled a step-by-step Handbook for Individuals for you to use and reference throughout the application process.

Manual de IPMG para Individuos que Reciben Nuestros Servicios

Recursos Adicionales (Additional Resources)

NICHCY: Recursos para los niños y adultos 
NICHCY: Resources for children and adults

IN*SOURCE: Para las familias con necesidades especiales 
IN*SOURCE: For families with special needs

Guía del Consumidor  
Consumer Action Handbook

Articulos de Indiana Resource Center for Autism (Centro de recursos de Indiana para el autismo)
Articles by Indiana Resource Center for Autism

Camino al Trabajo 
The Road to Work

Siguiendo Adelante Con la Vida…  
Moving On: Life After High School

Oportunidades Vocacionales para la Gente Discapacitada  
Vocational Opportunities for People with Disabilities

La Plaza: Conectando las familias latinas a los programas de salud y servicios sociales 
La Plaza: Connecting Latino families to health and social services.

Hispanic/Latino Portal

National Alliance for Hispanic Health

Barrio Cristiano Clínica Legal: Español 317-415-5315 
Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic: English 317-415-5333

Self Reliance Foundation (apoyo a la familia hispana): 1-800-473-3003
Hispanic Family Support

Other Information

IPMG's Full Privacy Notice is available here.

IPMG's Privacy Notice

We have compiled this handy Resource Directory of the top resources in the state of Indiana for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.

IPMG Resource Directory

IPMG believes that it is important for us to have a strong Ethical Code of Conduct to guide us as we serve and advocate for individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.   

IPMG's Ethical Code of Conduct

Sometimes acronyms are used when talking about the waiver program.  We have put together a chart to help you understand the acronyms you may hear.

Acronyms and Definitions

Families of individuals with disabilities are often overwhelmed at the prospect of interviewing and selecting providers for services.  The following document provides a roadmap to guide you through the process:

BDDS Helpful Hints

Many individuals and families, especially those new to the waiver, have a difficult time formulating questions to ask prospective Case Management Companies and Case Managers during the interview process. We have assembled the following questions to provide you with a starting point during interviews.

Case Management Company Interview Questions

Case Manager Interview Questions

These resource provide an overview of adult guardianship and its alternatives, and include links with additional information on the options available to parents of children with disabilities who are transitioning to adulthood.

Guardianship & Supported Decision Making Flyer 

National Resource Center for Supported Decision Making

This article provides information on financial eligibility guidelines, disability requirements, documentation required, and several helpful links related to applying for SSI.

Applying for SSI Benefits on Behalf of Someone with an Intellectual Disability

Looking for a comprehensive list of apps for people of all ages with disabilities?  Look no further!  Here is a link to a list of helpful apps for Android and iPhone/iPad:

Apps for Android and iPhone/iPad

Read our Annual Report to find out what we've been doing over the past year.

IPMG Annual Report’s Retail Savings Guide for People with Disabilities provides a detailed look at ways those with disabilities can stretch their dollars. Discounts, services, and special offers are widely available, but very few businesses will mention their willingness to help simply because the risk of offending someone is just too big to risk saying something. Managing a disability can be tough, but you don't have to handle it all by yourself. The bottom line is: if you can save money, why not do it?

Retail Savings Guide for People with Disabilities

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